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Do you have content that you'd like everyone to watch on  ALLIndies.com?
Simply email our programming guy with your video, genre, brief synopsis, credits, and at least one still.
****For ALL TELEVISION airing inquiries, please send only a short treatment and a 5-7 minute pilot if available.****

Dilating Productions is more than your ordinary motion picture production house. We like to do the busy-work, the time consuming, yet critical things that are needed to help make your motion picture a success. Afterall, what is a script if your don't have actors and locations? What is a movie if you        have no outlet for people to see it? You may have a good idea or even a good script, but does it       have that sizzle that will help it sell? Dilating Productions is your one-stop shop to develop your        game plan for success. 

        No one, ABSOLUTELY no one, in this business hopes to never have their craft seen! You               produced a top-quality series or movie, but it's just sitting on the shelf? Let's show off your             dream...and the dreams of your actors...and the dreams of your Director of Photographer and
    Set Designers! Whether it's an online or television presence that your project needs, Dilating    Productions has the resources to make it happen. 

Our goal is to help give life to your dream; And to do it professionally, on time and on budget.
 We will give you...
Hollywood level expertise without the Hollywood budget!
If you need help budgeting, casting, or complete production, 
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