Every project varies in time and cost. To save yourself time, money and energy, it's best to have a custom budget created for each project that you do. We consult you to make sure that your project is done within a budget that you are comfortable with. 

We do not have pre-packaged service plans. Everything we do is customized to your needs. Pre-production costs vary, depending on the level of service that you need.

Production is charged by the Half Day and Full Day for shooting. keep in mind that a production day begins when your crew starts loading up equipment until the time they unload equipment after the shoot. 

Editing, on the other hand, is charged by the quarter hour. And in all fairness to you, we round down i.e. if editing takes 8 hours and 25 minutes, we will only bill you for 8 hours and 15 minutes.

One-third of your cost is billed upfront, one-third is billed after shooting and one-third is billed after editing.


    This critical phase of producing any short film, feature, series or video is the blueprint to your success. This is definitely not the area that you want to cut corners on...that would be like building a house without blueprints. Dilating Productions will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan of what's needed, who's needed, where to be, when to be there and just how much your production will cost. With proper pre-production, everyone will be on the same page and you'll save money, time and energy. Here's what we do:
All aspects of Production


This is where the icing is added to the cake. The entire direction of your project can be changed in post-production. The color effects and sound effects are major factors in the feel of a movie or series. Should your project go straight to DVD, Netflix, television or online? Which film festival would be best for your particular film and how do you get it there? Dilating Productions can help answer those questions. Here's what we do:

Commercials, Features, Short Films, Music Videos, Series
Do you have content that you'd like everyone to watch on  ALLIndies.com?
Simply email our programming guy with your video, genre, brief synopsis, credits, and at least one still.
****For ALL TELEVISION airing inquiries, please send only a short treatment and a 5-7 minute pilot if available.****

Get Your
Show On
Dilating Productions, LLC
Embodiment of Your Dreams.
  • Raise funding
  • Rebate & Incentive Consultation
  • Set Design/Construction referrals 
  • Creative Concept Development 
  • ​Script Revision and Formatting
  • All Phases of Castings
  • Treatment Revision
  • Producer Services  
  • Props & Wardrobe

  • Film Budgeting  
  • Scheduling  
  • Location Scouting  
  • Crew Hiring/Referrals  
  • Original Music   
  •  Secure Distribution
  • Create Online Presence
  • Marketing  
  • Create Segmented Market Presence
  •  Film Festival Submission
  • Pitch to Networks
  •  Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Sound Editing/Effects
If you need help budgeting, casting, or complete production, 
email us at
Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm est
Television Airtime

Dilating Productions places quality episodic programming on local and regional television. All that you do is provide the programming; We find the advertisers, place your show on television and cover marketing. You receive revenue from the advertisers.
Dilating Productions will also lease airtime directly to you. If you are looking for 30 minutes of airtime or 80 hours of airtime, Dilating Productions can accommodate you.
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